Flavours and Aromas

Aurora Natural Flavours and Aromas build on the powerful essence of each freshly harvested fruit to offer a nutritious and deliciously unique consumer experience. We offer a range of lively flavours for uses in all sectors including alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks, dairy products, fruit preparations, diet and health products, biscuits, pastries, confectionery, sauces, marinades, oils and vinegars, and snacks among others.

Our Flavours and Aromas can be tailored to meet the requirements and preferences of consumers as well as our customers’ processes and regulations. Our 100% natural Flavours and Aromas are also available as organic ingredients.

  • Raspberry 100% Natural Aroma
  • Strawberry 100% Natural Aroma, also organic available
  • Blueberry 100% Natural Aroma
  • Blackberry 100% Natural Aroma
  • Apple 100% Natural Aroma, also organic available
  • Mango 100% Natural Aroma

Natural sugar flavour (from apple and grape) to reduce 20-30% the amount of sugar in soft drinks.

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Aurora Natural Ingredients are made from the best and freshest fruits and vegetables to consistently deliver the highest quality ingredients.


Aurora Natural Ingredients delivers a range of ingredients that consistently enliven your product applications with outstanding nutrition and flavor.

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