Fruit Purees

Aurora Natural Ingredients Purees serve up a fresh, full-bodied taste with a satisfying mouthfeel. You can choose from a range of concentrated purees from an ever-growing list of fruits covering all the main product areas of red and soft fruits, and tropical, covering all the application areas of beverage, dairy and yoghurt, dessert, confectionery, ice cream, Nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, snacking and bakery.

Our fruit purees can be supplied with seeds or seedless and as unpasteurised or pasteurised as frozen. They can also be supplied as aseptic. Most products can be supplied as Organic.

If a clean label is important to you then our range of single strength purees can deliver that. If fruit content is all important in a price sensitive product, then our range of concentrated purees can provide cost effective quality products.

  • Raspberry Fruit Puree
  • Strawberry Fruit Puree
  • Blackcurrant Fruit Puree
  • Blueberry Fruit Puree
  • Blackberry Fruit Puree
  • Honey berry Fruit Puree
  • Gooseberry Fruit Puree
  • Rhubarb Fruit Puree
  • Redcurrant Fruit Puree

What we offer you


Aurora Natural Ingredients are made from the best and freshest fruits and vegetables to consistently deliver the highest quality ingredients.


Aurora Natural Ingredients delivers a range of ingredients that consistently enliven your product applications with outstanding nutrition and flavor.

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